Race Results

Race NameRace DateRace Result Name
2023 Houston Humane Society 5K Mar 24, 2023 Race Day Results
Dog Pound Relays Mar 09, 2023 Girls 3200,Boys 3200,Girls High Jump,Girls DMR,Boys DMR,Girls Long Jump,Girls Discus,Boys Pole Vault,Girls Triple Jump,Boys Triple Jump,Boys Discus,Boys 4x100 Relay,Girls 4x100 Relay,BOYS 800m,GIRLS 800m,Girls 100m Hurdles,Boys 110m Hurdles,Girls 100m Dash,Boys 100m Dash,Boys 4x101,Girls 4x101,Girls 4x200 Relay,Boys 4x200 Relay,Girls 400m Dash,Boys Long Jump,Boys 400m Dash,Girls Pole Vault,BOYS 300m HURDLES,GIRLS 300m HURDLES,Boys Shot Put,Boys High Jump,Boys 200m Dash,Girls 200m Dash,GIRLS 800m,GIRLS 1600 METERS,Boys 1600 METERS,Boys 1600 METERS,GIRLS 4X400m RELAY,BOYS 4X400 RELAY,BOYS 800m,GIRLS 1600 METERS
Nederland Heritage Mile Mar 05, 2023 Boys Mile,Girls Mile
Bayou City Classic 5K/10K Mar 04, 2023 Live Race Day Results,Race Photos,10K Age Groups and Wheels,5K Age Groups and Wheels,10K Overall,5K Overall
San Jacinto Texas Independence Fun Run Mar 04, 2023 5K & 10K Results
Tomball Memorial Relays Mar 03, 2023 Pole Vault Boys,Girls High Jump,Boys High Jump,Girls Long Jump,Boys Triple Jump,Girls Triple Jump,Girls 3200 M,BOYS 3200m,Girls DMR,Boys DMR,Girls Pole Vault,Boys Long Jump,Girls Shot Put,Boys Shot Put,Girls Discus,Boys Discus,Girls 4x100 Relay,Boys 4x100 Relay,GIRLS 800m,BOYS 800m,Girls 100m Hurdles,Boys 110m Hurdles,Girls 100m Dash,Boys 100m Dash,Girls 4x200 Relay,Boys 4x200 Relay,Girls 400m Dash,Boys 400m Dash,GIRLS 300m HURDLES,BOYS 300m HURDLES,Girls 200m Dash,Boys 200m Dash,GIRLS 1600 METERS,Boys 1600 METERS,GIRLS 4X400m RELAY,BOYS 4X400 RELAY
Dirt in Your Shoe Du Feb 26, 2023 Age Groups,Relays
Darling Dash 5K/10K Feb 26, 2023 Live Race Day Results,Final Results Age Groups
Cain Relays Feb 25, 2023 Live Results
TOMBALL COUGAR RELAYS 2023 Feb 24, 2023 Boys Shot Put,Boys Discus,Boys High Jump,Boys Long Jump,Boys Pole Vault,Boys Triple Jump,Girls Discus,Girls High Jump,Girls Long Jump,Girls Pole Vault,Girls Shot Put,Girls Triple Jump,Boys 4x100 Relay,Boys 100m Dash,Boys 110m Hurdles,BOYS 800m,BOYS 3200m,Girls 4x100 Relay,Girls 100m Hurdles,Girls 200m Dash,Girls 100m Dash,GIRLS 3200m,Boys 4x200 Relay,Girls 4x200 Relay,Girls 400m Dash,Boys 400m Dash,GIRLS 300m HURDLES,BOYS 300m HURDLES,Boys 200m Dash,GIRLS 800m,GIRLS 1600 METERS,BOYS 1600m,GIRLS 4X400m RELAY,GIRLS 4X400m RELAY,BOYS 4X400 RELAY,Complete Results
Cy Woods JV Track Meet Feb 23, 2023 Live Results
HBA John J. Eikenburg 8K Law Week Fun Run Feb 18, 2023 Live Race Day Results,8K Age Group Results,8K Wheelchair Results,8K Team Results
Will Taylor Relays Feb 18, 2023 Results
Buffalo Relays Feb 18, 2023 Girls Triple Jump,Girls Long Jump,Boys Long Jump,Boys Triple Jump,Girls Shot Put,Boys Shot Put,Boys Pole Vault,Girls Pole Vault,Girls High Jump,Boys Discus,Boys Discus,Girls Discus,JV Boys 4x100,Varsity Girls 4x100,Varsity Boys 4x100,Varsity Girls 3200,Varsity Boys,JV Girls 4x100,Varsity Boys 800M,varsity girls 100m hurdles,Varsity Boys 110mh,Varsity Boys 100m,Varsity Girls 100m ,varsity boys 4x200m,jv boys 4x200m,varsity girls 4x200m,varsity girls 400m,varsity boys 400m,varsity girls 300mh,varsity girls 200m,varsity Boys 200m,varsity girls 400m,varsity boys 300mh,varsity girls 1600m,varsity girls 800,Varsity Boys 400M,Varsity Girls 4x400,boys 1600m,JV Girls 4x200,Boys JV 4x400,Girls JV 4x400,Varsity Boys 4x400,Varsity Girls 4x400,Boys High Jump,Complete Results,Team Scores
Montgomery relays 2023 Feb 16, 2023 Boys 3000,Girls 3000,Boys High Jump,Boys Shot Put,Girls Triple Jump,Boys Long Jump,Girls Discus,Boys Triple Jump,Girls High Jump,Girls Pole Vault,Boys Pole Vault,Girls Long Jump,Girls Shot Put,Girls 4x100 Relay,Boys Discus,Boys 4x100 Relay,Girls 4x800 Relay,Boys 4x800 Relay,Girls 100m Hurdles,Boys 110m Hurdles,Girls 100m Dash,Boys 100m Dash,Girls 4x200 Relay,Boys 4x200 Relay,Girls 400m Dash,Girls 100m Wheelchair,Girls 400m Wheelchair,Boys 400m Dash,Girls 400m Hurdles,Boys 400m Hurdles,Girls 200m Dash,Boys 200m Dash,Girls 1 Mile,Boys 1 Mile,Girls 4x400 Relay,boys 4x400 relay,Complete Results
Southwest Masters Indoor Championship 2023 Feb 12, 2023 Complete Results
Alvin ISD Turtle Run 5K Feb 11, 2023 Final Results
Rotary 5K Sugar Land Feb 11, 2023 Complete Results
Golden Eagle Invitational Feb 10, 2023 Full Results
Bearkat Bash 5K Feb 04, 2023 Live Race Day Results,Results
USA Fit Marathon/Half Marathon/5K Jan 29, 2023 Live Race Day Results,Marathon,Early Start Marathon,Half Marathon,5K,Race day Half Switches,Marathon Hand Cycles
Texas Runs For WOSP 5K Jan 28, 2023 Live Race Day Results
Houston Friendship 5K Jan 22, 2023 Live Race Day Results,5K Results,1.5 Mile Results
Wells Elementary Winter 5K Jan 21, 2023 Live Race Day Results
The Katy Pie Run Jan 21, 2023 Live Race Day Results,10K Results,5K Results
Southwest 1600/800 Jan 07, 2023 1600,800
Remembrance Run Jan 07, 2023 3.9 Mile Results,1K Results
2023 Dawson Dash Jan 07, 2023 5K Results,Overall 5K Results,1K Results
Candy Cane Fun Run Jan 07, 2023 Age Groups,Race Day Live Results
Texas Marathon and Half Marathon Jan 01, 2023 Marathon Age Groups,Half Marathon Age Groups,Race Day Half Changes (dropped from Marathon to Half)0,3 QTR Marathon (Dropped from Full),Marathon Overall,Half Marathon Overall

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